White Christmas a possibility, but more likely it will be wet

Unpack your umbrellas along with your presents

Those of you waxing down your sledges and practising your snow angels might very well be wasting your time.

According to the  first winter prognosis released by the national weather forecaster DMI, we can expect mild and rainy weather, with just the odd, short-term period of snow.

”Generally, the winter weather is being driven by a low-pressure system from the eastern part of the Atlantic and west of the British Isles, which is continuing across Scandinavia,” Steen Hermansen, a DMI meteorologist, said in a press release.

”So it looks like we'll have a generally mild stream across the nation from the west and south-west.”

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White Christmas still in the mix
Temperatures are expected to remain about 1-1.5 degrees C above the norm, while precipitation will be around 20-30 percent above the norm. Average temperatures from December to February are expected to be somewhere around 2-3 degrees.

Hermansen doesn't expect much chilly weather this winter, although a short period of winter weather could pop up later at some point.

”From the middle of December and particularly after the new year, there is an increasing risk that the wind will cool down and give us winter-like conditions,” Hermansen said.

”I won't rule out a white Christmas, but at the moment the chances are not greater then usual.”