Lack of foreigners will lead to Danish job exodus

November 19th, 2014

This article is more than 9 years old.

Big companies considering moving activities abroad

Denmark's biggest companies warn that a lack of qualified workers will become an increasing problem and will cost Danish jobs and stunt growth, according to a new survey by Berlingske Research.

The survey showed that a third of the 38 heads of HR at the nation's biggest companies said that in the future they would consider moving more of their Danish activities abroad due to a lack of qualified talent at their disposal in Denmark.

“It means that a greater part of the job growth – including the specialist areas – will take place abroad,” Claus Rasmussen, the head of HR at the jewellery giant Pandora, told Berlingske.

In total, 29 of the HR heads evaluated that the lack of qualified workers “significantly” or “to some extent” become an increasing economic problem for Denmark.

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New reform critical
But despite calling for more foreign highly-skilled workers, the HR bosses were unsure of what political decisions needed to be taken in order to attract more foreigners.

In July this year, the government revealed a new international recruitment reform that would strengthen Denmark's ability to attract and retain highly-skilled foreigners.

The reform had four central aims: make it easier for companies to recruit internationally; ensure equal opportunities for international labour; strengthen the attraction and retention of international labour; and become better at retaining international students already in Denmark.


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