Besame mucho: four Danish couples lock lips for a potential grand prize of 10,000 kroner

If you're bored and looking for some mild entertainment this Friday afternoon, why not head on over to

The Danish tabloid is currently live-streaming its latest Udfordring (challenge) in which it asks the all-important question: How long is Denmark's longest kiss?

To answer that question they have selected four Danish couples to compete in a kissing endurance competition. The rules are simple: constant contact between the lips is required, and the contestants are allowed a five-minute bathroom break after every hour.

The winning couple will bag a prize of 10,000 kroner, second place a wellness stay at Hotel d'Angleterre, and third place the questionable prize of a year's supply of lip balm from Matas.

Perhaps a supply of antibiotics would be more appropriate – a recent study found that up to 80 million bacteria were exchanged during a 'normal' kiss.

At the time of writing, the contestants had been smooching for approximately two hours and it doesn't look like a winner will be found anytime soon.