Denmark slammed … for a lack of Zaras

Country has the fewest outlets per capita of the Spanish clothing shop in the EU

A study of what each European country is worst at has dealt a crushing blow to Denmark by naming it as the EU member with the least Zaras.

Zara – a Spanish clothing chain selling mid-price clothes for men, women and children – has a tiny presence in Denmark, with just two stores in the entire country.

This has led to, the author of the report, claiming that if you want to shop in Zara, you are in competition with 2.8 million Danes per store.

Meanwhile, Sweden was outed as having the least number of hospital beds per capita and Finland as having the highest level of depression.

Based on EU data
The study was based on a series of reports from the European Union concerning issues like social mobility, traffic, business and health.

Interestingly, despite the UK being branded the ‘worst’ for cocaine use, Denmark’s lack of Zaras was deemed more detrimental than it being the EU country that smokes the most marijuana.  

The Danes were recently awarded the title of best non-native English speakers, and in this report, the French earned the title as the worst.

And despite the liberal reputation of the Danes, it is actually Finland that has the most freedom of the press in the EU (Bulgaria comes in last).

But what is Denmark really worst at?
The concentration of Zara stores doesn't often make headlines, so it sounds like it was a bit of a struggle finding Denmark’s achilles heel.

With both the ban on Marmite and the legality of bestiality being overturned soon, two key anti-Denmark arguments are disappearing fast.

However, a  2012 study found that women in Denmark are the most likely in Europe to get cancer, possibly because of a higher than average number of female smokers. 

Additionally, Eurostat found in 2014 that Denmark is the most expensive country to buy food and non-alcoholic beverages or to eat out in a restaurant, but perhaps this doesn’t matter if you are paid in Danish kroner, or aren’t constantly spending your money in Zara. 

Study of cancer incidences in Europe:

The original report of what each EU country is worst at can be found here: