Rare painting of Tycho Brahe still missing

Painting of noted astronomer disappeared 13 years ago

A painting of Danish nobleman and polymath Tycho Brahe hung on the wall at Gavnø Castle near Næstved from the mid-1700s until 2001. It was then loaned to the Ole Roemer Museum in Taastrup to take part in an exhibition. But according to the painting's owner, it was never returned.

Otto Reedtz-Thott claims the museum has never been able to explain what happened to his painting.

“It is a small painting and it is important to the collection,” he told Politiken. “It is a portrait of Brahe as a younger man, and they are much rarer.”

Never returned
The museum maintains it has searched for the missing painting with no success. "We simply cannot find it," the museum director, Ole Buus Graeser, told Politiken. 

Graeser was hired in 2002 after the Ole Roemer Museum merged with Kroppedal Museum. He said the requirements for keeping track and registering paintings became more stringent when he came onboard.

“The painting disappeared before my time under a completely different set-up, so I am not responsible.

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Graeser said he has spoken with several former employees in his attempts to find the missing painting. However, the case has not been reported to the police.