Gangs eyeing Aarhus foothold

Three groups looking at establishing themselves in east Jutland

A number of gangs, including the Dutch bikers Satudarah, have been expressing an interest in setting up shop in Aarhus, according to the East-Jutland Police.

Aside from Satudarah – which was first reported to be making a move to Denmark late last year – the Danish gangs Loyal To Familia (LTF) and Black Army have also been seen in the area by the local police.

”There is a risk that some of the groups – Black Army, Satudarah or LTF – will establish themselves in the city, but I won't estimate the odds of them doing so,” Jørgen Ilum, the police commissioner with the East Jutland Police, told Jyllands-Posten newspaper.

”From time to time we receive information, indications and visible evidence that they are trying to establish themselves here. Our strategy is to be proactive, nip it in the bud and scupper those plans.”

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Not there yet
Over the summer, the Odense-based Black Army turned up in Aarhus and was connected to a stabbing in nearby Bispehaven, but the arrest and jailing of a number of the group's members has weakened the gang's influence in the area, according to the police.

Copenhagen gang LTF also has an eye on establishing itself in the city, and both LTF and Satudarah have about 8-12 associates in the city, although it is unsure that they are full members.

The East Jutland Police estimates that none of the three gangs can be described as being established in Aarhus as of now.