Hipsterrifying: a video promoting an upcoming Vesterbro hotel caters to a certain type of individual

Urban House will open its doors in March 2015 and has already garnered plenty of attention on social media thanks to its YouTube advert.

Vesterbro used to be an area that carried with it a rough reputation. Located a stone’s throw from Copenhagen Central Station, it would not be uncommon to encounter drug dealers, prostitutes and junkies all in one place.

In recent years, however, the district has undergone a renaissance. The brothels are still there, but now they've been joined by a host of hip new venues, bars, cafés, hotels and organic food shops. If it’s anything remotely different, you will find it in Vesterbro, and that includes the new demographic frequenting the area: the so-called hipsters.

Urban House is an upcoming hotel/hostel opening in March 2015 and its promo video is currently making the rounds online.

Armed with an assortment of fancy buzz words and a voice that sounds like a fusion of three separate accents, the narrator promises Urban House will be the place to visit for all the non-conformists out there.

The result is a no-holds-barred video that has attracted strong opinions on social media.    

“Kill it with fire before it lays eggs!” Globe bartender John Conaty told the Copenhagen Post.