Students choose Thanksgiving to open a huge house made of cake (will there be any left tomorrow?)

Students in Jutland wanted to show off their bakery skills

Perfectly timed to commemorate today's Thanksgiving, a team of students from Tønder in southern Jutland have opened a huge gingerbread house in their local Kvickly supermarket.

Or at least it's the same colour as the house favoured by some Americans, both at Thanksgiving and Christmas.

The honey house was made by students from EUC South south and it's unclear whether they know what today means to Americans across the globe. They just want to draw attention to their bakery crafts.

The honey cake is so large that a grown-up man can stand inside upright and even lie down in it. And it can be eaten too, but not until after Christmas. 

To promote their bakery crafts
The students built the gigantic gingerbread-house in pursuit of attracting new applicants to their vocational training.

Honey cakes play a great part in the nearby Schleswig tradition, and 22 out of the 42 students who made the house came from Hamburg in Germany.

Still tasty in January
The house will be displayed at the Tønder Kvickly throughout December and then taken down.

According to Johan Kulmbach, the students' bakery teacher, it will still be possible to eat afterwards.

"The honey cake will probably taste even better in January, because it will draw moisture out of the air and turn soft again," Kulmbach explained to DR News.