PhD students struggling with stress

Working in isolation and not enough social interaction major contributors

A study by the Copenhagen University Post has found that PhD students are stressed.

Three-quarters of the 600 respondents reported high or very high levels of stress, whilst only 26 percent described their stress levels as low or very low.

This was the case for all students, regardless of whether they were Danes or from inside or outside the EU.

Maintaining a work-life balance
Maintaining a work-life balance seems to be the biggest challenge for many of the students –15 percent had not attended a social event or gathering in the week prior to the survey.

Relationships were also a stressful field – those who are single or in a committed relationship are less stressed than those negotiating the dating minefield.

Working in isolation for more than 21 hours a week was the norm for 46 percent of students, yet this was also shown to significantly increase stress levels.

Not a hindrance to student satisfaction
However, the survey also found that PHD students at KU are still satisfied with their studies.

Just 16 percent reported low or no satisfaction with their program, whilst a third were highly or very highly satisfied. 

The survey can be viewed in full here: