Explosion shakes central Malmö

Witnesses say two people placed “something” in front of the courthouse directly before the blast

An explosion so large it could be heard several kilometres away shook central Malmö last night. Some kind of explosive device was detonated at the entrance to the city centre courthouse shortly before 23:30 last night. 

“Balconies have been blown away and glass is everywhere,” said Camilla Faurholdt-Löfval, a DR reporter at the scene. “The courthouse has several windows blown out and the ground level facade is completely gone. Other buildings have also been damaged.”

One minor injury due to flying glass has been reported, and the neighbourhood around the courthouse suffered expensive property damage. 

"Something" placed near the door
Witnesses saw two people place “something” near the entrance to the courthouse minutes before the explosion.

“We do not know exactly why they were there, but people were seen leaving the area just before the explosion,” Skåne police commander Fredrik Svensson told the Swedish newspaper Sydsvenskan.

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The bomb squad was called in to make sure there were no more explosives in the area. 

Second time in a year
This is the second time this year that the courthouse in Malmö has been rocked by an explosion. A bomb also went off outside the building in February.

“It is too early to talk about a relationship between the two explosions,” said Svensson.