House sales recovering after four-year slump

Sales of villas, apartments, town houses and summerhouses have all risen

House sales are expected to finish up 15 percent on the average over the last four years, according to new figures from the real estate website

Over 32,000 villas and houses have already been sold this year, and Birgit Daetz, the head of communications for, expects the total sales numbers to reach around 34,500 by the end of the year.

"The sales numbers had already surpassed the previous years in November, and that includes villas, town houses, apartments and summerhouses,” Daetz said in a press release.

”The continuing falling interest rates has made it attractive to enter the housing market, also for first-time buyers.”

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Seven tough years
October was the most busy month in terms of home purchases this year with about 3,300 houses being sold – 25 percent more than the average sales numbers over the past four years.

Apartment sales have really exploded this year and are 40 percent higher than the past four years, while summerhouses have managed to increase by 17 percent compared to the past four years, despite having a rough year.

”After seven lean years, it looks like the entire housing market has blossomed, and that's led to a great year. When the sales begin in earnest, it can quickly become a positive spiral,” Daetz said.