Parking tickets: Not just for city folk anymore

National nature agency putting parking automats in the wild

According to the national nature agency, Naturstyrelsen, crowded parking and overstressed facilities have become such a problem in some of the country’s nature areas that it will be setting up parking ticket machines to help pay for improvements.

“We want to ensure decent conditions for our visitors,” explained Naturstyrelsen deputy director Peter Ilsøe in a statement.

“Both our Danish and foreign guests expect good facilities at our attractive nature areas – especially free toilets. To ensure this, we have chosen to look at new revenue opportunities.”

Clean toilets cost money
The expected income from the parking fees is five million kroner annually, which will be used to maintain toilets, tables, benches and pay for waste removal. What the new fees will actually cost has yet to be determined. They are expected to come in effect in the summer of 2015.

Parking fees are already in place at Dyrehaven near Copenhagen and Møns Klint.

Fact File

Here is where it will soon cost you to park your car and take a walk on the wild side:

Hjortekær in Jægersborg Dyrehave (Y) 

Springforbi in Jægersborg Dyrehave (Y) 

Tisvildeleje Strand (S) 

Liseleje Strand (S) 

Eghjorten natural playground near Hillerød (S) 

Hornbæk Havn (Y) 

Stejlepladsen i Hornbæk (W) 

Parking lots near Stængehus og Lille Kulgab (S) 

Opalsøen on Bornholm (S) 

Rørvig Sandflugtsplantage, beach near Rørvig (S) 

Gåsebjergsand (Y) 

Haderslev Dyrehave (Y) 

Sletterhage on Helgenæs (S) 

Bulbjerg (S) 

Råbjergmile near Skagen (S) 

Den tilsandede Kirke (S) 

Børsmose (S) 

Hafniagrunden (S) 

Liselund (S) 

(Y) all year round, (S) seasonal