Staying with parents as a family reunification requirement under threat

Government measure under consideration would scotch living with mom and dad as acceptable accommodation

Proposed government regulations would add one more hurdle to those attempting to live in Denmark under the family reunification statutes.

Mette Frederiksen, the justice minister, is submitting legislation today that would make renting a room or two in a parent's home unacceptable for meeting the housing requirements for family reunification.

“We do not think it benefits integration if reunited couples live with one party's parents,” Frederiksen said in a statement. “We are proposing a requirement that independent housing be a demand of family reunification.”

Tightening and relaxing
While the proposal would tighten the rules as far as living with parents, it would relax the requirements in other areas.

If passed, living in sub-letted accommodation would be allowed under the new rules.

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Martin Henriksen, the Dansk Folkeparti integration spokesperson, was sceptical that the changes would meet his party’s requirements regarding reunification laws.

“I do not see where this will cut the number of family reunifications, and that is important to DF,” he told DR Nyheder.