Trolling Christmas shoppers on the Copenhagen Metro

A family of dancing trolls will be pirouetting among the crowds at the Kongens Nytorv station this afternoon

If you spend any time on Youtube (or the Copenhagen Post website) you might have had enough of internet trolls.

But a happening this afternoon at 4.15pm at Kongens Nytorv Metro station will introduce Christmas shoppers to much merrier examples of the species – a family of trolls who dance instead of making cynical remarks.

Mythical ballet
To celebrate the final rehearsal of August Bournonville’s ballet 'A Folk Tale', the royal theatre company Det Kongelige Teater is sending two adult tolls and two children trolls underground (their natural habitat after all) to perform for the crowds.

The 1854 ballet has been called “Bournonville’s most Danish ballet” and the Danish choreographer himself called it his “most complete and best choreographic work”. Trolls are just some of the many mystical characters that feature.

Performances begin on Saturday December 6 and run until December 21. Tickets are priced between between 95 and 695 kroner and are available from