Copenhagen among the top cities in the world for sport

Danish capital the only Scandinavian city in the top ten

The international sports market intelligence provider Sportcal ranks Copenhagen as the sixth best city in the world for sport in the newest edition of its 'Global Sports City' index.

The Danish capital, which has hosted a string of large sporting events recently, has risen a spot since last year's index and is the only Scandinavian city in the top ten.

”Copenhagen and Denmark are not just top of the sporting event nations and sports cities, but it's also moving up Sportcal's international list compared to last year,” Lars Lundov, the CEO of the national Danish sports event organisation Sport Event Danmark, said in a press release.

”With Copenhagen ranking sixth and Denmark ranking 15th as a sports event nation, we can only say that the Danish sports event model is winning.”

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Herning in the mix
Copenhagen and Denmark have managed to attract some large international sporting events to their shores in recent years, such as the Handball European Championships, the Half-marathon World Championships and the Badminton World Championships.

And in the future, the capital will host the Archery World Championships, the Ice Hockey Worlds in 2018 and the world championships in men's handball in 2019. It was also recently revealed as one of the 13 European cities that will host football's Euro 2020.

Herning was also on the list, ranking 38th, ahead of cities like Los Angeles, Milan and Melbourne, while the index was topped by London and followed by Moscow, Tokyo, Rio de Janeiro and Paris.