Electric cars charging ahead

Twice as many electric vehicles sold as last year, but industry wants more political action

So far this year, twice as many electric cars have been sold in Denmark compared to the same period in 2013, Berlingske reports.

In November, 201 electric vehicles rolled silently out of showrooms, compared to just 93 in November 2013, bringing the total number up to 2,900 since 2009, according to figures from the car import organisation De Danske Bilimportører and the trade association for electric cars, Dansk Elbil Alliance.

Not a real breakthrough
Lærke Flader, a branch manager at Dansk Elbil Alliance, is encouraged by the development. “We are seeing a bigger number of electric cars sold to private customers month for month,” she said.

“Producers are coming with even more attractive electric car models, and we are seeing a significant expansion of the charging infrastructure. So there are clear signs that Danes want electric cars.”

But according to Flader, political action is needed for the battery-charged chariots to properly take hold in Denmark. “There are still relatively few electric cars on the Danish roads, and there is still a way to go before we can call this a real breakthrough,” she said.