Counterfeiter caught trying to exchange phoney coins at bank

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Copenhagen Police today arrested a 47-year-old man for attempting to swap fake ten and 20 kroner coins for bills at the Sydbank on Kogens Nytorv. 

The man was attempting to use the coin machine to trade in 7,500 kroner in fake coins.

“They discovered in Sydbank that the man was putting fake coins in the machine,” Copenhagen Police said in a statement. 

Should have stopped at two
The suspect had apparently already hit two other banks to the tune of nearly 20,000 kroner. The man, who police described as eastern European, was taken into custody.

Police suspect there may be other suspects still at large and advise that the phoney coins could be circulating throughout Copenhagen. Cops said the coins look worn and are quite realistic.

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The suspect was charged with attempting to circulate counterfeit currency. He denied the charges.