Danish technology to be used to grow tomatoes in Australia

An Aalborg-based firm is going down under

Tomatoes are to be grown in the Australian outback thanks to Danish technology.

Engineers from Aalborg CSP (Concentrated Solar Power) will deliver a solar energy system to an Australian project to grow more produce in the Port Augusta area.

The project will convert solar energy and seawater to create a 200,000 sq km nursery outside the city in Southern Australia.

Blooming expectations
The Australians would like to grow 15,000 tonnes of vegetables a year by harnessing solar energy and sea power.

Aalborg CSP has signed a contract with Australian company Sundrop Farms to provide them with more than 100,000 hours of engineering work at a cost of 200 million kroner.

“We combine the newest and most advanced solar technology with our knowledge from conventional steam boilers to create a project with a unique perspective for the world,” Svante Bundegaard, the administrative director of Aalborg CSP, said in a press release.

The system should be ready in October 2016, and once it is up and running, it will use 250,000 cubic metres of seawater annually.