New container connection established between Copenhagen and Malmö

December 11th, 2014

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Transport sector to enjoy lower costs

In order to ease trucking congestion between the  Øresund hubs of Copenhagen and Malmö, a new goods transport link involving four barges will start up in the spring of 2015.

The barges, which will be pulled by tugs, will transport containers and bio-fuel across Øresund Strait between the two cities and lead to a number of advantages, claims Copenhagen Malmö Port (CMP), the organisation behind the initiative.

“A short cut is now being created across the Øresund from which the customers will benefit,” Johan Röstin, the CEO of CMP. 

“Transporting containers will be simpler and more cost-effective.  The environmental impact will also be reduced. Freight is conveyed by lorry to local shipping when we use Øresund waterway for regional shipments. It will reduce emissions, noise and congestion on the roads in Skåne."

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Barging right in
Two to three of the barges will be used to transport containers on a daily basis, while the fourth will be utilised for bulk goods like recycling material and bio-fuel.

The barges have a capacity of 100 containers each per trip, which takes two hours across the Øresund.

Copenhagen Malmö Port was established in 2001 and is owned by Copenhagen city developer By & Havn, Malmö Municipality and private investors.


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