Great expectations for storm ‘Alexander’

December 12th, 2014

This article is more than 9 years old.

Extreme weather is expected to hit Denmark at 3pm

The meteorological institute DMI is issuing warnings to the public to stay indoors during Alexander, as the storm now approaching Denmark has been branded. It will bring winds of hurricane strength, up to 33 m/s, the strongest since Bodil and Allan hit last year.

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Alexander will strike from the west this afternoon at about 3pm, and will move across the country, reaching Fyn by about 5pm and the Copenhagen area by about 9pm.

Stay indoors and use common sense
Henning Gisselø of DMI told Ekstra Bladet that some areas would be hit harder than others. “Wadden Sea, northwestern Jutland and northern Zealand are, as things look now, the three areas that will be hardest hit by the storm,” he said.

“So our best overall advice is to stay indoors while the storm is blowing and use common sense.”

DMI recommends regularly checking for warnings and updated forecasts at dmi.dk.

The Swedish meteorological institute SMHI was responsible for the appellation of Alexander – a perk of being the first to forecast the storm, which it did last week on Thursday.


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