Wasn’t that a dainty dish that Kiin Kiin set before the king

Thai Embassy celebrate 87th birthday of their monarch

Thai ambassador Vimon Kidchob was the proud host of a reception to mark the 87th birthday of her monarch, Rama IX, at Bygingskulturens Hus in Copenhagen on December 5. 

It was a well-attended event as members of the diplomatic corps and other esteemed guests mingled, listened to jazz pianist Darin Pantoomkomol, and feasted on food provided by Nørrebro restaurant Kiin Kiin, one of only a handful of Thai eateries worldwide to earn a Michelin star. 

Thanks to his 68 years on the throne, Rama IX is currently the world’s longest reigning monarch, easily ahead of Britain’s Queen Elizabeth (by six years) despite being one and a half years her junior. 

However, he will have to live into his next century to surpass Sobhuza II, who reigned as king of Swaziland for nearly 83 years. But if he does, what a party that will be!

The embassy staff were out in force in their colourful costumes and alluring welcome drinks

The food, as you might expect from Kiin Kiin, was spectacular

Among the esteemed guests was Carsten Dencker from Asia House (left)

Kiin Kiin's Danish founder, Henrik Yde Andersen, took time to catch up with the ambassador

Among the ambassadors present were (from centre to second right) Austrian ambassador Ernst-Peter Brezovsky, Swiss ambassador Denis Feldmeyer and Georgian ambassador Nikoloz Rtveliashvili

KUKS president Kaj Larssen (centre left) caught up with his predecessor Eleanor Bomholt (centre right); Jasmin Sun (second right), the manager of the medicines and health product distributor Pre-Jet; and Moroccan ambassador Raja Ghannam (right)