Italian press report of Dane involved in mafia scam

Fictional deal involving oil delivered by a sunken ship is at the centre of the case

The Italian media is reporting that a Dane is among six people arrested in Rome in connection with a corruption case that involves the country's navy, its mafia and a subsidiary of OW Bunker.

DR reports that he was a high-ranking employee of one of OW Bunker’s subsidiary companies until the marine fuel giant’s bankruptcy last month, but that it has been unable to contact him for a comment. It declined to publish his name.

‘Ghost ship scandal’
The case concerns fictional oil deals made with the Italian Navy that reportedly have ties to the Italian mafia.

The OW Bunker company OW Supply is said to have sold 11 million litres of fuel to the Italian marine base in Augusta on the island of Sicily to the value of over 50 million kroner, but the ship that apparently delivered it had sunk the year before. The case is being referred to as the ‘ghost ship scandal’ in Italy.

The navy officers who signed off on having received the shipment are among those who have been arrested. The OW Bunker employee is allegedly accused of being involved in the scam. Among the others arrested are those with links to the mafia in Rome who are alleged to have orchestrated the crime.