Rambøll buys US environmental consultancy

Company expands its reach in global and North American markets

Denmark's largest consultancy, Rambøll, has bought US-based global consultancy, ENVIRON, adding to its staff 1,500 environmental and health science specialists operating in the US and 20 other countries, reports Ingeniøren.

”Strengthening our portfolio within environmental services and expanding into new attractive regions, specifically North America, has been a strategic priority for us since 2012,” Jens-Peter Saul, the chief executive of Rambøll, told CNBC.

The acquisition not only expands the company's reach to 35 countries, growing its staff to nearly 12,500, but also puts it in the world's top ten largest environmental consultancies.

Expanding expertise
ENVIRON is one of the leading environmental and health science consultancies in the world, thus making it a ”perfect fit” according to Saul and one that will give Rambøll's environmental profile a ”significant boost”.

The relationship is mutually beneficial, and according to Stephen Washburn, the chief executive of ENVRION, ”ideally positions” them to help the global community in facing challenges stemming from global urbanisation, climate change and resource scarcity.

”Joining forces with Rambøll puts us in an even stronger position to continue working on the most challenging environmental and human health problems,” Washburn told CNBC.

This new acquisition will also mean that Rambøll will be making a new division in the company with two global entities, one covering water and the other covering the environment and health, reports Ingeniøren.

At the time of purchase, the combined revenue of Rambøll and ENVIRON exceeded 10 billion kroner.