Turning the tide for jobs and growth in northern Jutland

December 19th, 2014

This article is more than 9 years old.

Agreement on aquaculture will strengthen co-operation between local and national government

The government and the regional business development organisation in northern Jutland Vækstforum Nordjylland have entered into an agreement to create growth and jobs in the region, the business and growth ministry announced in a press release.

Henrik Sass Larsen, the minister for business and growth sees small and medium-sized companies as the focus of the initiatve. “Small and medium-sized companies make up the backbone in Danish business life,” he said.

“With the growth partnership we have agreed to a series of initiatives that will support several companies in northern Jutland coming into a solid growth trajectory, for example through increased automation.”

Reaping the rewards
Co-operation between the ministry for food, agriculture and fisheries and Vækstforum Nordjylland will also be strengthened by the agreement. The food minister Dan Jørgensen was positive about the prospects for improving conditions for sustainable growth in the sector. “We need to be even better at exploiting the many sustainable possibilities there are in fisheries and for breeding fish and mussels,” he said.

“We need to always be looking for how we develop and create the best conditions for the food industries and now we have created a collaboration on fisheries and aquaculture in northern Jutland, which I look forward to reaping the rewards from.”

Special strengths
Ulla Astman, the chairperson of the regional council in northern Jutland, believes that, through the framework of the agreement, her region will contribute to better conditions, also for other parts of Denmark. “I look forward to us bringing northern Jutland’s special strengths into play for the benefit of growth and employment in the whole country,” she said.

“With the agreement we can, for northern Jutland’s part, contribute to closer co-operation with public stakeholders and private companies to concrete developmental projects that, on the one hand, can improve traditional production and, on the other, can create new business opportunities with a focus on sustainability.”


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