Another record year for car sales

Around 187,000 sold in 2014

There might be more bicycles that people in Denmark, but the number of cars is on the increase as well, according to a new report from the car industry advocate organisation Autobranchen Danmark.

The report showed that the number of registered cars will be at a record high again and car sales will end up at around 187,000 for 2014, a 7,000 car increase from 2013. And now the bigger cars are becoming more attractive.

“2014 will see another record in the number of registered cars,” Jens Benstrup, the head of Autobranchen Danmark, told DR Nyheder.

“Over the past three years we have seen a boom in micro car sales, but now everything points to Family Denmark wanting the bigger models.”

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Smaller cars slumping
Aside from a slight dip in 2012, car sales have set a record every year over the past four years, but Benstrup believes that there won’t be as many cars sold next year, although the sales of larger cars in expected to continue to increase.

In particular, the market for small cars is becoming saturated and sales of micro cars fell drastically during the second half of 2014. Car prices are also dropping.

“The development involving the shift from micro cars to larger cars is down to the group who earlier purchased used cars or micro cars, can now afford to upgrade,” Benstrup said.