Danes look to Berlin for New Year’s Eve

London, Hamburg and Paris also in the mix

When it comes to celebrating New Year’s Eve abroad, the Danes prefer to stay in Europe, according to statistics from the hotel-search website Trivago.

The figures showed that Berlin was the favoured city for Danes to take a mini vacation over New Year’s, while also London, Hamburg and Paris were in the top five, as was Denmark’s own capital, Copenhagen.

“Berlin and London are classics which are always in the top ten when we pull the data on the Danes’ favourite destinations,” Vibe Fogh-Andersen, the head of communication at Trivago in Denmark, told Jyllands-Posten newspaper.

“That’s probably because both cities have a wide range of attractions and events that appeal to all target groups. And they are also close to Denmark and it’s easy to get there.”

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Copenhagen a Nordic fave
Berlin is generally popular among the Europeans. The German capital was the second most popular destination over New Year’s for the Norwegians, the third for the Dutch, and the fourth for the Fins, while Copenhagen was in the top three for Norwegians and Swedes.

Dubai, Amsterdam, Rome, Prague, Bangkok rounded out the top ten New Year’s destinations for the Danes.