Municipality accidently destroys historic local sculpture

Anders Tinsbo piece mistaken for construction rubbish

A sculpture by the renowned artist Anders Tinsbo has been accidentally removed from Nærum Ungdomsgård youth institution by Rudersdal municipality and destroyed.

The sculpture, which was erected in front of Nærum Ungdomsgård back in 1984 to mark the institution’s 25th anniversary, was removed after being mistaken for construction rubbish by municipality workers, who were clearing the area to make way for a new skateboarding and parkour park.

“It’s a terribly stupid mistake, which unfortunately is irrevocable,” Lars Eldrup, the head of youth activities in Rudersdal municipality, told TV2 News. “None of the current employees were familiar with the statue and we couldn’t see what it was.”

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Pipe cleaner inspiration
Eldrup went further to explain that the sculpture hadn’t been registered as a piece of art when the council took over the administration of the institution, which was independent until a few years ago.

According to Mogens Jørgensen, a former head of the institution said that 50,000 kroner was collected in 1984, after which the children make figures out of pipe cleaners. That was the inspiration for Tinsbo’s sculpture.

“Someone must be sitting somewhere really embarrassed, because that’s not how we should be treating our art treasures,” Jørgensen told “If they can make this mistake, what is next? One can only imagine.”