Heavy snowfall overnight but warmer temperatures on their way

Road conditions have been hazardous in places

Households in many parts of Denmark have woken up to a winter wonderland, with up to 15 cm of snow in some parts of the country, according to the meteorological institute DMI. But the snow is not expected to last long, as warmer winds later in the day are expected to melt the snowfall.

The snow has been concentrated in a 20 to 30 km belt stretching from northern Jutland to Zealand. Between 10 and 15 centimetres of snow has fallen in this area.

Motorist beware
But while some will be rushing for the sled to take advantage of the conditions, Rene Sye Pedersen, the duty officer at Mid and West Zealand Police, told Ekstra Bladet that they were causing problems for traffic. “We have had a number of accidents caused by icy roads,” he said.

“But the motorists have driven slowly, so there have only been dents, no injuries.”

Falck told Ekstra Bladet that they had helped 200 motorists in northern Jutland and Zealand that had been affected by the weather.