DSB closing ticketing automats over New Year’s holiday

In an effort to reduce vandalism, ticketing machines at 300 stations will be closed starting at noon today

Train commuters will not be able to buy tickets from DSB’s automated ticketing machines until after the upcoming New Year’s celebrations are over. In an effort to reduce the vandalism and damage the machines have suffered over previous year-end celebrations, DSB has elected to lock the automats up tight.

“It is to prevent the type of vandalism that we have seen before,” DSB spokesperson Tony Bispeskov told DR Nyheder. “On the New Year's Eve between 2007 and 2008, 47 ticket machines were destroyed by people throwing fireworks into them.”

Expensive explosions
A single ticketing machine costs 250,000 kroner to replace, and each of the country’s 300 train stations is home to at least one machine.

“The costs of destroyed machines are considerable, and customers are inconvenienced for several weeks until the machine is repaired or replaced,” said Bispeskov.

No free rides
Bispeskov said that closing the machines is not a perfect solition, but does “considerably” reduce the possibilities for damage. 

He also cautioned that even though the automats are closed, customers should not expect to travel for free.

“There are plenty of other options for purchasing tickets,” he said.

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Ticket vending machines will reopen Friday, 2 January, 2015.