Three killed in New Year firework accidents

Fatalities all occurred in northern Jutland

Millions of hungover Danes are today waking up to the sobering news that three of their countrymen were killed in firework accidents during yesterday’s New Year’s Eve festivities.

All three deaths were in northern Jutland and involved the setting off of chrysanthemum shells – a type of firework more commonly seen in displays than on the streets.

Killed by malfunctioning fireworks
The first victim was a 37-year-old in the northern Jutland town of Assens shortly before midnight. He was killed setting off a chrysanthemum shell in his garden. His family, meanwhile, remained inside their home and were unharmed.

And then a second incident occurred barely 20 km down the road in Skjellerup. Two men from Hobro, aged 24 and 25, were also killed by a malfunctioning chrysanthemum shell.

A further two men, 24 and 28, were injured. They were both flown to Rigshospitalet where their condition is described as serious.

Eye injury numbers falling
The two men were among ten people hospitalised with eye injuries following firework incidents. Among them was a 13-year-old boy in Copenhagen who was hit by a rocket.

However, all the other victims were aged between 20 and 66, and according to police, fewer women and children are getting injured.

Only a few years ago, there were 42 people admitted to hospital with eye injuries caused by fireworks.