Seasonal spike in prostitution

Police and aid organisations note increased December activity

There is an increased demand for services from prostitutes during the month of December, as well as a desire from sex workers themselves to earn more in the run up to Christmas, Jyllands-Posten reports.

Deputy Inspector Tom Struve told the newspaper that there is a particular increase in street prostitution at this time of the year.

Extra pressure
Malene Muushold, head of the organisation Reden that works with foreign women involved in the sex trade in Copenhagen’s Vesterbro district, explained that foreign women are under added pressure in December. “Many of the foreign women have a pretty constant need for money because they send money home to their families or need to give part of what they earn to their traffickers,” she said.

“But we get the feeling – this year as in previous years – that the women are trying to scrape together extra money in November and December so that they can spend Christmas in Spain or Italy, where many of the women have a residence permit and are based when they aren’t working in Denmark.”