Sydhavn resident first Danish jihadist to be killed by coalition forces – reports

An 18-year-old Danish citizen fighting for Islamic State in Syria was reportedly killed last month during an airstrike

According to, a controversial pro-President Assad blog, and other sources, a Danish jihadist – a convert going by the name Abu Ismail – was last month killed in the Syrian border town of Ayn al-Arab when the house sheltering him and other IS fighters was bombarded by coalition planes.

The incident marks the first time in which a Danish citizen fighting in either Syria or Iraq has been killed by Western-led coalition forces.

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Neither the Danish Security Intelligence Service (PET) nor the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have moved to confirm or deny the report.

Ismail's death has been confirmed by one other Danish fighter present in the area at the time of the attack, and it was also reported on Facebook pages linked with Islamist extremist groups in Denmark.

Abu Ismail hails from Sydhavn in Copenhagen. He converted to Islam a couple of years ago before travelling to Syria in May 2014 where he first worked as an aid worker before joining IS forces.