Rat population continues to boom

Warm weather creating a plague of vermin

Warm weather conditions over the past year have created perfect conditions for a boom in the nation’s rat population.

Many pest control companies nationwide are reporting more and more reports of rat infestations – at both private homes and businesses.

Jyllands Skadedyrsservice in Kolding is one of the companies reporting an increase in the rat business.

“It is a good idea to take quick action when you see a rat,” said Kim Jørgensen from Jyllands Skadedyrsservice in Kolding. “Just one breeding pair can multiply into 800 rats in a single year.”

Call the Pied Piper
Jørgensen said he uses multiple approaches including traps and poison to combat rats.

Rats carry more than 50 dangerous diseases and can cause major property damage. The law requires that rats or evidence that they are in the area be reported to the local municipality. 

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Signs that rats are present include unpleasant odours, holes and excrement.