Bus inspectors to wear body-cameras

To protect inspectors from threats and attacks during ticket inspections, Movia is introducing bodycams

Starting today, all bus inspectors in Zealand will wear so-called bodycams to protect themselves from being attacked by violent passengers.

The small cameras will be attached to their uniforms and are expected to lower the number of threats and assaults against Movia's inspectors.

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For safety reasons
The transport company has lately recorded an increase in the number of such incidents. 

Soren Englund, the company's operations manager, hopes the bodycams will lower the increasing number of assaults and threats.

"We do it to prevent the unpleasant situations that can arise during a ticket inspection and to improve our inspectors' work," Englund told DR.

Privacy will be protected
Movia's bodycams will comply with all regulations and privacy protection laws, according to Englund.

"Only the police and the people who appear in the video footage can view them," he said.

"People who have nothing to do with the conflict will have both their face and voice distorted."

There are also believed to be plans to give bus drivers bodycams as well.