Danish nurse may have Ebola

Patient at Aarhus University Hospital undergoing examination

A Danish nurse who may have Ebola has been flown home from Sierra Leone. 

According to the Defence Command Agency, she was transported to Denmark by the Army and taken to Aarhus University Hospital.

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It is believed the infection could have occurred when the nurse removed her face mask and hood and tore a hole in one of her gloves.

The Board of Health is assisting the hospital as it carries out a detailed risk assessment.

No Danes with Ebola so far
Several Danes were suspected of contracting Ebola last year, but all of them tested negative.

The World Health Organisation reported that as of 6 January 2015 the epidemic had killed 8,235 people – mostly in west Africa. 

So far, the total number of reported cases stands at more than 20,000.