Backstage access to INXS with Michael, Paula, Kylie and Helena

Created in collaboration with the remaining members of Australian rock band INXS, this Australian two-part miniseries contains archive footage and full access to the rockers’ back catalogue.

It focuses on the years when the late Michael Hutchence was the frontman of the band (Luke Arnold in his first leading role). Kylie Minogue, Paula Yates, and Danish model Helena Christensen, who all had high-profile relationships with Hutchence, are represented, along with the band’s reluctant manager Chris Murphy. 

The miniseries follows the band from their beginning in pubs in Sydney towards the global stage, leading up to the loss of their lead singer. The screenplay is based on interviews conducted with Murphy and the band. Named after the song played at Hutchence’s funeral it is evident that he was and still is a large part of the Australian conscience. 

INXS has seen a resurgence of popularity following the airing of the series. This is a must-see if you want to discover why or re-experience the heyday of one of Australia’s biggest bands. 


SVT1, Fri 22:00 Shetland

The warning lights should go off when you hear is “hauntingly beautiful". How many times are they going to remake The Killing? Well, this Scottish island-based crime noir is based on a series of books predating the Danish show, and its 7.3 IMDB score does look encouraging.

A better bet is The Great Train Robbery (DR2, Wed 21:00) – catch episode one, from the crooks’ perspective, on Netflix – which is top-notch all round with a great cast, although Jim Broadbent is the dourest ever TV cop. 

Elsewhere, there are larks with Karl Pilkington: The Moaning of Life (DR3, Thu 20:45); hilarity in Finnish reality show Au pairs in London (SVT1, Wed 23:00); delayed coverage of the 2015 Golden Globes (DR3, Tue 20:30) and the 2014 BBC Music Awards (DR3, Fri 23:35); new seasons of The Walking Dead (S5: DR3, ep1: Fri 22:20, ep2: Tue 22:35), Game of Thrones (S4: SVT2, Fri 23:25), Modern Family (S5: Zulu, Sun 10:20) and Hell’s Kitchen (S12: TV3 Puls, Thu 22:00); and two new British cooking shows: Taste of England (SVT1, Mon 16:45) and Serve with Jamie (TV3 Puls, Thu 21:00). (BH) 


Malcolm and Gael have their hands full

With 73 on Metacritic, Amazon’s latest comedy series Mozart in the Jungle, which is inspired by the memoir of the same title, is heartily recommended. 

It showcases the rock and roll underbelly of the world of classical music – a world revolving around the new conductor of the NY Symphony, Rodrigo (Gael Garcia Bernal). He does things differently to how tradition dictates.

We follow young oboist Hailey on her journey into this world as she sets off to attend an audition Rodrigo is holding. (MD)


Eurosport, Sun 16:30  BDO World Darts Final

Just 30 years ago you couldn’t see the board or the baize for all the billowing smoke and booze fumes from the likes of Jockey Wilson and Alex Higgins. The BDO World Darts final is followed by the start of snooker’s Masters. Elsewhere, we have the NFL Divisional Round and Barca vs Atletico in La Liga (K6, Sun 20:55). (BH)


TV3 Puls, Fri 22:50 Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy

The lawyers of America’s best known convicted student should have sued the makers of Amanda Knox: Murder on Trial in Italy. Not because it implied she did it (it doesn’t – a new film by Michael Winterbottom does though), but because it is a crime against cinema. But can it be worse that Battleship or Sharknado 2? Guilty! (BH)