Danish companies making huge gains thanks to soaring dollar

US companies with investments in Europe are less happy about the development

The current strength of the dollar could bring huge profits to Danish companies with investments in the United States, predicts Nordea's chief analyst. 

Currently at its highest rate for nine years, the dollar has increased by 17-18 percent against the euro since last May.

Expecting significant profits
Companies with large revenue streams in the US, such as GN Store Nord, Novo Nordisk, Novozymes and FLSmidth, can expect solid gains in 2015.  

Michael Borre, a chief analyst at Nordea Bank, has calculated that GN Store Nord would increase its operating profits by 11 percent if there were a 10 percent rise in the dollar. 

Novo Nordisk, which derives 47 percent of its revenue from the US, can expect significant growth too. 

Novozymes, meanwhile, has the potential to increase its operating profits by 6 percent, and FLSmidth by 5 percent.

Danish economy would benefit
Borre predicts the Danish economy as a whole would benefit from the impact of a strong dollar on export companies. 

One analyst predicts it could indirectly lead to 9,000 new jobs in Denmark.

"The strength of the US economy is expected to continue for the next few years, which is something companies should take into consideration," Danke Bank analyst Steen Bocian told Finans.

"There is a potential that cannot be found in Europe to the same extent."

US firms losing out
However, US companies such as Coca-Cola, Johnson&Johnson, Mattel and Nike will be adversely affected by the development as their revenue in Europe falls.

The current exchange rate is 0.84 euros or 6.21 kroner for every dollar.