Danish cartoonists offering their work to Charlie Hebdo

Satirical magazine will publish next week despite Wednesday attack

Danish cartoonists are rallying to offer help to the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo following the attack on its Paris offices on Wednesday that left 12 dead, including the publication’s editor and four of its most prominent cartoonists.

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The magazine’s lawyer told Le Monde newspaper that the surviving members of its editorial team would go ahead with publishing on Wednesday next week and the print run would be one million. The normal circulation is thought to be between 45,000 and 60,000.

Want to ensure survival
Lars Refn, the chairman of the Danish illustrators’ union Danske Tegnere, told the journalism trade publication Journalisten that he and his Danish colleagues wanted to help to ensure that the attack doesn’t spell the end for Charlie Hebdo.

“We’ve offered to help them so the magazine can survive,” he said.

“Right now we’re in the process of collecting drawings from colleagues that we’ll offer to Charlie Hebdo if they want to print them.”

Danish cartoonists will also be publishing their work in the coming days on the website caricature.dk.