Another storm could be on the horizon

Danes in for a week of wind and rain

It's been a stormy 2015 thus far in terms of weather as the one-two punch by Dagmar and Egon led to falling trees and flooding over the weekend. The damage was worst in western Jutland.

And now the national weather forecaster DMI has revealed that yet another storm could be approaching the Danish coast this week. And even if it fails to show, It will definitely be a blustery and wet affair this week.

”There will be some powerful winds coming in from the west on Thursday that could contain yet another storm,” Olaf Mathiassen, a DMI meteorologist, told Metroxpress newspaper.

”It looks like we will see a windy week with cold winds and shorter periods of gale-force winds. It will also rain for most of the week.”

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Storm 'F' up next
Mathiassen went on to contend that the strong winds will mostly hamper the northern and western parts of Jutland, while the rain will fall nationwide.

Should a storm strike again this week – and be potent enough to be named – it will be given a name starting with the letter 'f', as the naming of storms in Denmark occurs alphabetically. Allan and Bodil hampered Denmark in late 2013, before Carl, Dagmar and Egon blew by in 2014 and early 2015.

Alexander passed through in December 2014, but because the Swedish meteorological institute SMHI was the first to forecast the storm, it was able to name the storm.