Danes among the world leaders for overnight trips

Four Nordic nations in the top five

The Danes and their Scandinavian brethren are the world leaders when it comes to making trips that involved them being away from home for at least one night, according to a new report from information solution organisation Timetric.

The report showed that the Danes were the fourth most travelled people with an average of 5.3 overnight trips per year (3.9 domestic, 1.4 international) that involved using transport via air, land, water and rail. Finland topped the list at 7.5 trips per year, followed by the US, Sweden (6.0), Denmark and Norway (5.2).

“People in Scandinavia can afford more trips due to high incomes and relatively low unemployment rates,” Arnie van Groesen, a travel and tourism analyst at Timetric, said in a press release.

”The cost of living is relatively expensive in Scandinavian countries, meaning that if they go abroad they’ll often get more value for money. The weather conditions make them attracted to less severe conditions in the southern part of the world, such as the Spanish beaches.”

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Summer homes
Van Groesen also explained that the Scandinavian penchant for owning a second 'summer home' by the sea or in the countryside means they spend a lot of time going there.

The top 10 was rounded out by Hong Kong, New Zealand, Canada, Australia and France.

The US was top for domestic trips, but international travel in the nation is limited with just 20 percent of Americans heading abroad in 2013. Less than half of Americans own a passport.