The Danes cashing in on a record year for vinyl

Audio equipment company doing roaring trade in boom years

The sale of vinyl music and record players has rocketed in recent years, Metroxpress reports.

In 2014, the sales institute Nielsen Soundscan registered the sale of 9.2 million vinyl records globally – the highest number since its records began in 1991.

Booming business
The Danish company Ortofon, which claims to be the world’s leading manufacturer of gramophone pickups, has benefited from the development.

“We can clearly notice that there’s more interest in vinyl, record players and cartridges, and we expect turnover to continue to increase,” Christian H Nielsen, the company’s CEO, told Metroxpress.

Jensen explained that while some customers were long-term vinyl aficionados, others were riding a retro trend.

“We have three types of customer,” he said.

“There’s a group who have always been on board and have never given vinyl up. Then there are the ones who have taken their record collection up from the basement when they hit 50. And then there’s a retro trend among young people, who have begun to buy new record players.”