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January 18th, 2015

This article is more than 9 years old.

Copenhagen Celtic is a huge club with eight different teams representing over 20 nationalities

International football club Copenhagen Celtic is already training for the start of next season, which this year will kick off in April and last until October.

The club has eight different teams, encompassing over 20 different nationalities and lots of age groups, including two teams catering to players over the age of 40. The team above are the over-40s, although to be fair, barely any of them are a day under 50. For information on how to join the over-40s team, contact joemul10@hotmail.com, and for the over-50s, contact copenhagenceltic@hotmail.com.

Likewise, the old boys (over-33s), is mainly made up of players knocking on 40, or in the case of the 2014 player of the year, Ken Klarskov, knocking right through it (photo: Mads Stenbjerre).

The team has a few players in their 30s, but Hrafnkell ‘Keli’ Birgisson, the old boys top scorer, is not one of them. For information on how to join the over-33s team, contact benhamilton374@gmail.com (photo: Mads Stenbjerre).

But don't worry there are plenty of teams catering to young-uns: two 11s and two 7s. Pictured above are first team manager Roddy Walker with the A team player of the year, Michael Wibe.

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For information on how to join an over-18s team, contact copenhagenceltic@hotmail.com. Or why not show up to one of their training sessions. Celtics currently train at Valby Idrætspark on Mondays at 20:30 and Thursdays at 19:00.

Of course, the most important player, as the club’s founder Coogan would tell you, is the one who got the beers in – in this case Alex Mott.



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