Danes the princes of smoking in Scandinavia

Serbia, Bulgaria and Russia top in Europe

When it comes to the average number of cigarettes consumed per year, Denmark is a long way ahead of its Nordic brethren, according to a new analysis by the Czech linguist Jakub Marian.

Marian's analysis – which is based on the data of a number of studies released in 2007 – reveals that the average Dane aged 15 and over consumes 1,413 cigarettes every year, compared to Sweden's 715, Norway's 534, Finland's 671 and Iceland’s 477.

The map also reveals that southern and eastern Europeans smoke a lot more than northern Europeans, with particularly the Russians (2,786), Ukrainians (2,401), Belarusians (2,266) and Moldovans (2,479) smoking like chimneys in the east.

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Serbian smoke stacks
In the south, the Serbian smoking bosses of Europe topped the figures with 2,924, followed by Bulgaria (2,822), Greece (2,795), Slovenia (2,360) and Bosnia and Herzegovina (2,278).

Among the other nations mentioned were Britain (750), France (854), Italy (1,475), Spain (1,757), Germany (1,045), the Netherlands (801) and Ireland (1,006).