Thousands of British babies conceived using Danish sperm

The Brits aren't just fans of Danish bacon and television series. Apparently they are quite fond of Danish sperm too, according to the Aarhus-based sperm bank Cyros.

Ole Schou, the director of Cyros – the biggest sperm bank in the world – estimates that about 1,000 babies from Danish donors are born in Britain every year.

”People do not always tell us when they have babies, but we estimate there are between 3,000 and 5,000 of our Viking babies in Britain,” Schou told the British newspaper the Daily Mail.

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A pricey commitment 
But it doesn't come cheap. Danish sperm purchased online and delivered to an address in Britain can cost up to about 4,500 kroner for just one 'sample'. But according to the Cyros website, the minimum price for a sample sent to Britain is around 1,260 kroner.

And it's not just the samples themselves that can cost a pretty penny. Many British women travel to Denmark to be inseminated, and often more trips than one are required. According to the Daily Mail, one British woman spent over 550,000 kroner on trips to Denmark.

The Cyros clinic – whose motto is 'Congratulations it’s a Viking’ – has been in business for 25 years and has helped 30,000 babies come to life worldwide.