Tiger on the loose in New York

Tiger ventures once again outside Europe, this time to take on the US market

By the end of this spring, a new Tiger store will pop up in New York's Union Square. The move will see the US become its 25th market. It now has over 400 stores worldwide.

"We are opportunistic and want to test a new market by opening this store, seeing how it works and, in this case, how Americans react to the concept. We will then adjust the offer as we go," Christian Mariager, the administrative director at Zebra – the company behind the Tiger concept stores – told business.dk.

This is Mariager's last move before leaving his position. He will be replaced by Xavier Vidal, the former area manager of the Body Shop in Europe, Africa and the Middle East. 

Tiger concept stores taking the world by storm
Only last year Tiger opened 124 new stores, introducing its concept to five new countries.

It has enjoyed particular success in the United Kingdom, Spain and Italy, but has not yet tested many waters outside Europe. Until this year, its only other venture outside the continent was in Japan.

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"We are still to open a store where the concept was badly received," Mariager told business.dk. 

"The potential is there. It is a matter of continuing the journey and structuring it. There is huge potential, and I mean many times bigger than the company is today."