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Energy-efficient appliances: Worth the premium

Energy agency study shows that it pays to buy green

Consumers should pay more attention to the EU’s energy labels if they want to save money, as buying cheaper domestic appliances that use more energy can be a false economy. This is the message from the energy agency Energistyrelsen following a study of the relationship between the price and energy consumption of various domestic appliances.

Savings equivalent to the difference in price between an appliance with an A++ rating and one with an A+ rating can be made in just four to six years.

The climate, energy and building minister, Rasums Helveg Petersen, said that the message was clear. “Buying a power-hungry appliance is like cutting a hole in your trouser pocket – money will pour out, ” he said.

“A modern fridge or oven can easily work for up to 10-15 years, so a bit of mental arithmetic shows that electricity consumption is important when you invest in new domestic appliances.”

Reduces emissions
The exact savings over time vary depending on the type of appliance – ovens take just two years to justify the extra cost of an A++ rating while tumble driers take nine years – but Petersen argues that saving money isn’t the only factor.

“The EU’s energy labelling scheme is simple and effective: it helps consumers save on their electricity bill, encourages manufacturers to make more energy-efficient machines and spares the climate from greenhouse gas emissions,” he said.

“The study also shows that Danes to a great extent have adopted energy-saving domestic appliances.”

For example, in the past two years the sales of washing machines with A++ ratings have tripled.