Reinventing dining culture over steaming hot pots and barbecues

Fun with pals at Fatty Cow

Positive that we were about to be blown to the land of Oz by the strong gusts of wind sweeping Copehagen’s streets on Saturday night, we were more than happy to arrive at the Fatty Cow safely, where we were welcomed by its overwhelmingly friendly staff and co-owner Marie. 

When entering the Fatty Cow, it’s hard not to get excited about the culinary adventure one is evidently about to embark on.

Each table has its own built-in stove, and the clean and bright buffet beckons with all kinds of fresh vegetables, meats and seafood ready to be picked and either plonked into a steaming hot pot or onto a sizzling grill platter. 

The big meal of calm

Marie and her husband ran a busy and traditional restaurant in Paris before returning to Denmark where they opened the Fatty Cow on Radhuspladsen in September last year. 

Marie took the time to explain the restaurant’s philosophy. “Our priority is to create a relaxed atmosphere where you don’t have to wait for your food and then eat it fairly quickly before it gets cold,” she said. “You can start right away, and the food stays warm throughout, as you talk and enjoy.”

It’s a cosy, social, and interactive dining experience from beginning until end, as is common in many parts of Asia and – come to think of it – Switzerland. Everyone can take whatever they feel like from the buffet, but prepare it together around the stove.

Little did my partner and I know just how successfully we were going to internalise the philosophy of taking your time. Almost four hours later, we couldn’t help notice that we had outsat every other customer in the restaurant.


Dynamic flavour explosions

It was an easy rhythm to fall into. We began with the hot pot: a pot of delicious boiling broth that we carefully lowered the ingredients we had chosen from the buffet into. 

We made sure to ask the staff for the signature lamb meat and silky tofu, which are brought to the tables separately. 

At first we couldn’t quite resist the urge to just chuck everything in at once, much to the amusement of the staff. It is generally advised to cook things in small batches. 

Once the meat, veg and noodles were cooked, another highlight was the many different sauces. Our favourites were the soya sauce with fresh lemon grass and the satay sauce. 

Sizzling goodness

Loving the whole business of getting hands on, we transformed into grill masters as the hot pot was replaced by the grill platter. 

Adding freshly crushed garlic to the various different meats, fish and vegetables, we could hardly wait for the food to be done as the delicious smells of cooking filled our table. 

Sweet conclusion

Amongst a lot of chatting and joking with the wonderful staff, we finally made it to the end of our meal and had no problem fitting in a delicious slice of raspberry cake from the dessert tray. 

For a taste of Asian hospitality and culture paired with a cosy and dynamic approach to dining experience, Fatty Cow is the call to make.