Internet bowing down to Danish Legola(r)s

Lars Andersen taking speed archery to a whole new level

Robin Hood and William Tell can all pack away their quivers and arrows and bow down to their new archery overlord, Lars 'Lego-lars' Andersen.

The Danish world champion in archery speed shooting is making the rounds on the internet at the moment with a video documenting his outstanding archery prowess, which includes some interesting background information and misconceptions about the art.

By holding all his arrows in the same hand that he shoots with, Andersen is capable of shooting an astounding three arrows in 0.6 seconds using ancient archery techniques. He can do so while stationary, running, jumping and upside down, as his video – which has over 15.25 million views – reveals.

The Dane's archery exploits have made him an internet sensation, and he has received phone calls from all over the world, including from the Washington Post, a US TV station, and various film companies and ad bureaus.

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Hollywood myth
Andersen – who picked up archery after taking part in some role-playing in the forest – believes his video is popular because he debunks some Hollywood-film myths about archery

”I have been told that my style resembles a 'classical Persian' style from the 1300s," Andersen told Ekstra Bladet tabloid.

"It's not something that I've though about, but of course I've learned it a different way since I've developed my skills via role-playing.”

And it's not just about speed. As the video below shows, Andersen is so accurate that he can split an incoming arrow with his own arrow. Even Robin Hood would have been left flabbergasted.