Ærø green ferry project getting EU millions

125 million kroner to establish electric ferry project

The Ærø project titled 'Green Ferry' was today granted the necessary EU funds to develop and run electric ferries to and from the island.

The successful application means that the project can look forward to seeing the EU send up to 125 million kroner to the project.

”Out application has been approved and that's immense,” Thomas Estrup, a communications and project worker in Ærø Municipality, told DR Nyheder.

The ferry project aims to design, build and run electrically-driven ferries that cater to smaller ferry routes along the more shallow coastal waters.

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Energy from wind turbines
The ferries will be built using lighter material such as fibre glass and will be run by batteries and electric motors. The batteries will be charged by green energy from wind turbines, to the benefit of the economy and the environment.

The new ferry adventure is expected to provide jobs in Ærø, but also to distributors in Denmark.

The project will set sail after the island municipality negotiates the final details of the contract, and the first electric ferry is expected to be ready sometime during 2017.