Cable thieves once again creating S-train havoc in and around Copenhagen

Nope, this is not a rerun, it’s happened again

For the third time in less than a week, cable thieves have struck the Køge Bugt line and are creating headaches for commuters.

The theft near Åmarken means that there are no trains running between Hundige and Copenhagen Central Station. Buses are running instead.

Line A runs every 20 minutes between Hillerød and Copenhagen Central Station. Line E is also running at 20-minute intervals between Køge and Hundige and again every 20 minutes between Central Atation and Holte.

Third time not so charming
Last night’s episode makes it three times that able thieves have hit the Køge Bugt line  in less than a week: cables were also stolen last Friday and Sunday.

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Thieves target the lucrative copper cables. BaneDanmark then replaces the stolen cables with less valuable aluminium ones.